*BROKEN* USSR UV-2 Barrel alignment collimator for AK74 AKS74U AKM RPK SVD / 1P29 PSO 1PN51 1PN58 NSPU NIT-A

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Price: $280
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Barrel alignment collimator UV-2 for cold sighting. Made in USSR.
BROKEN condition, cannot be used to customize scopes, broken front protective glass, only for collection entourage.
The broken protective glass does not distort the view, just because of the fragments it is difficult to see the reticle. You can remove or replace glasses, repair and use the device yourself.
We do not give any guarantee that the device will be restored, repair it at your own risk, or simply leave it for the collection.

Designed to ensure operational alignment (bringing to normal combat) of hand-held small arms (AK74, AKS74U, AKM, RPK, SVD) with installed day, night optical and collimator scopes (1P29, PSO, 1PN51,1PN58, NSPU, NIT-A) without use of alignment targets, shields and ammunition.

The device is mounted on the weapon using a caliber rod and then the operator adjusts the reticle, aligning the reticle with the center of the image shown by the device.

Due to the presence of three grooves for installing the pin, with the help of the device, it is possible to zero in various weapons with different scopes.

It is currently issued under the index 1p61 "Basting".

Main technical data of SCV UV-2:
error on re-installation 0-00.25
the division value of the strokes on the grid 0-01
basic vertical alignment angle minus 0-02
base horizontal alignment angle 0

Carrying out the alignment of the sight on the machine using the UV-2:
Install UV-2 and sight on the weapon.
Using the sight alignment mechanisms, align the top of the upper aiming mark with the center of the UV-2 alignment reticle (point with coordinates x = 0 y = 0). This position corresponds to the average aiming angle at a distance of 100m for the AK-74M.

Price: $280
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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