1984 6B2 armor vest size 1 (Afghanistan, Chechen, wars, Moscow 1993 crysis) [RESERVE]

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Price: $3100
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6B2 armor vest produced in 1984.
Completelly original armor vest, size 1. Full set with armor plates and kevlar.

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Was used by army and GRU spetsnaz (Main Intelligence Directorate of army).

Was used in Afghanistan 1979-1989, 1-st Chechen campain and 1993 Moscow Crysis.

6B2 is first generation army armor vest. It is first massive army bulletproof vest in the Soviet army.
Developed in the USSR "Research Institute of Steel" in late 1978. Was adopted to supply the Soviet Army in 1979. Widely used in the war in Afghanistan.

6B2 consists of chest and back parts connected with each other in the shoulder joints and with the side buckles. Protective composition consists of titanium armor plates ADU-605-80 1.25 mm thick and ballistic screen of 30 layers of aramid fabric TSVM-G. Provides Ballistic protection and protection from pistol bullets. Weight 4.8 kg of body armor.
Design feature is the use of a protective structure m. N. circuit board, which set hard armor elements. By the same principle were arranged all subsequent Soviet combined arms vests first generation (6B3, 6B4 and 6B5).

6B2 consists of thoracic and dorsal parts connected to each other in the area of the shoulder joint and with the help of side fasteners.

The protective composition, placed in a cap of kapron fabric, consists of titanium armor plates ADU-605-80: the thoracic part contains 19 armored plates in two rows of three plates in two layers. The nominal thickness of armored plates is 1.25 mm (the actual thickness, taking into account the plus tolerance is 1.4 mm) and the fabric package of 30 layers of aramid fabric TSVM-JH, directly adjacent to the body of the serviceman. The vest provides anti-fragmentation protection, including protection against swept damage elements with an energy of 700 J, and protection from pistol bullets. The antiparticle resistance to a standard spherical fragment with a mass of 1 g exceeds 700 m / s.

Depending on the size, the weight of the bulletproof 6B2 was 4.2-4.8 kg. Protection area 28 - 30 square meters. dm.

A feature of the design is the use in the protective structure of the so-called circuit board, in which hard armor elements were installed.

Price: $3100
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