MEGARARE 1938 PE Yemelyanov scope with Smirn's bracket for Mosin/Tokarev/Simonov sniper rifle [SOLD]

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Price: $4100
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A rare collection item is offered for sale: "PE" scope (Scope Emelyanova).
The rifle optical scope, model of 1931, the scope of the times of World War II, designed for installation on sniper rifles Mosin, Simonov (AVS) and Tokarev (SVT).
With the original Smirn bracket, which is even rarer than the scope itself!

The production of PE scopes was first established at Krasnogorsk Plant No. 19 (Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region), then transferred to the Leningrad Plant "Progress" (Plant No. 357 of the NKV USSR), and then it was also deployed at the Kharkov Labor Communal Plant of the NKVD USSR. All scopes were delivered to Tula (plant No. 173), where the country's only production of sniper rifles was based on the Mosin and SVT-38 systems (40). Brackets, dust caps and tarpaulins for PE scopes were also manufactured there. In the city of Tula was the final assembly of sniper rifles.

In total, in 1931–40, 46 000 of PE scopes were produced in Krasnogorsk and Leningrad, and about 120 000 were produced in Leningrad and Kharkov in 1942–43.
Thus, the rarest “PE” scopes are considered pre-war, due to their small number of production in these years, that is, made before 1940.

In addition, the pre-war PE scopes are considered to be of higher quality than those made in wartime, as the Smirnsky bracket, since during the war the rings of the bracket were welded to the base, and in the pre-war period were all milled on the bracket.


1. Scope (PE) - produced in 1938, 100% original in good condition, with original leather caps (on the inside of the lens there is a "rainbow overflow spot" - it does not affect performance and aiming) - see photo on aiming.

2. The "Smirn" bracket for this "PE" scope, a pre-war instance. The star, the letters "U", "H", "I", and the number "0921" are affixed (the bracket has a file, because after the war it was used by a gun hunter with a dovetail bracket when installed on the original base will also be functional).

Magnification ratio: ? 3.87
Field of View: 5.5 °
Exit pupil diameter: 7.6 mm
Aperture: 59.3
Exit pupil removal: 85 mm
Focus Range: 3 to +2


Price: $4100
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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