ULTRARARE 1939 PE Yemelyanov scope with early Kochetov bracket for Mosin sniper rifle [RESERVE]

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Price: $5800
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Your attention is invited to a unique lot that you have never seen.

The "PE" (Emelyanov) scope of 1939 for the Mosin rifle on a rare early type of Kochetov bracket of 1939.

Currently, it is only known that similar brackets were found on excavations of battles dated 1942. Therefore, you have a unique opportunity, if not to buy, then at least to see a photo of the development of the Kochetov bracket at the pre-war stage.

If we talk about the rarity of the bracket itself, we can correlate it with a unique and very rare original bracket for the SVT-40 rifle.

Presumably, an experimental batch of such brackets for the "PE" scope was produced in 1939, even before the "PU" scope was produced.

From the history of finding this scope: this scope, together with the bracket, according to the former owner, was kept in storage by the military personnel of the Black Sea Fleet base in Crimea until the beginning of 2000 and was implemented together with the rifle for civilian use for hunters.

Completeness and description:

1. The PE scope of 1939 (note - this is not a standard PE scope - for this instance, the central part, where the correction drums are located, has a reduced wall in the rear part. In this place there is a thickening in the form of a ring, and there is a counterpart with a chamfer on the bracket ring It is made in the factory on a professional machine.
From this design it becomes clear that this "PE" scope is a little off-standard and was made specifically for this bracket. In fact, this scope and the bracket are a single whole (a regular other PE scope cannot be installed in this bracket).

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the scope (part of the scope body) is covered, in addition to the standard bluing, with black paint, as well as the notch of the scope adjustment dials is covered with this black paint. Based on the fact that the license plate and the year of manufacture have white paint, it can be concluded that the black color of the scope was produced at the manufacturer. And this is not a whim of the operator (militaryunit).

Sometimes, on some PU scopes, you can find an uneven color with black paint to protect the body of the scope from corrosion, not made at the factory. However, the color of this scope is made very evenly, the white paint of the numbers is not painted over, which is almost impossible to do in artisanal conditions. It can be assumed that this color of the black paint of the body part and the notched limbs was made at the scope manufacturer to protect it from a salty environment, which is consistent with the history of the appearance of this scope in a warehouse in Crimea, since, according to history, these scopes were served in the Black Sea Fleet , where more serious protection of the steel hull from the salty environment of the sea is required.

2. Kochetov's bracket (model 1939, early type).
The bracket is made of steel by milling at the factory, the body shows the remnants of small damage from the cutter (you could see such circles on the brackets of "Kochetov" model 1942, produced in Tula). The bracket has removable rings on screws - like the rings on the Smirnsky bracket. In addition, the rings, as well as the lower part of the bracket under the rings, have chamfers (recesses) just for the installation of the specified unique scope "PE" with a reduced central part. In addition, the bracket is significantly higher compared to the Kochetov bracket mod. 1942 (attached photo of two brackets for comparison). It can also be seen that it does not yet have holes (a circle or a square, as well as internal metal samples), made to lighten the weight of the scope. Also on the bracket you can see a 4-digit number and the remnants of the core markings (points). Possibly placed at the factory for a milling machine operator since the batch was experimental. All this suggests that we have before us one of the very first samples of the bracket, but which have already been manufactured for the state in the factory.

3. The base is original, standard milled with a screw (possibly later it was produced (determined by type) in Izhevsk).

4. Leather original caps for the "PE" scope

Thus, before you is a unique lot: 1939 "PE" scope with a reduced central part for Kochetov's bracket of an early type (model 1939).
We can assume that work on this bracket was discontinued and it did not go into production, since at the end of 1939 - beginning of 1940, the Ministry of Defense of the USSR decided to end the production of the "PE" scopes and establish the production of cheaper, more economical and simple scopes "PU" Thus, the work and production of the Kochetov brackets of the 1939 model for the "PE" scope was discontinued, no longer resumed, and almost ten similar products have not survived to this day. And the developments of the designer Kochetov formed the basis for the production of Kronstein Kochetov of the 1942 model for the PU scope.

Price: $5800
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