2016 Armytex D-1605 combat shirt (FSB Alpha)

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Price: $160
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Combat shirt made by Armytex company in 2016. Type D-1605.
Size: M-L (50-54).

Was used by FSB Alpha and Vympel elite special forces from 2016-x till current time in anti-terrorist operations and trainings.
You can identify it by the shape of the sleeve pockets, the pen pocket on the left sleeve.

You can see this shirts at documentary photos.

Condition: used, may have repair signs, from real combat unit.

Take chance to buy it and be sure that this item was 100% originally used by this most elite special forces team in Russia. 

Combat shirt combat shirt D1605-MUL, multicam
Application: Combat shirt D1605 combat shirt is a light element of field uniform and is designed to be worn under personal body armor or tactical vests.
Combat shirt The D1605 combat shirt is recommended for field personnel, adventurers and shooters.

- The underwear (torso) of the D1605 combat shirt is made of sweat-wicking material;
- According to the materials used, the underwear of the combat shirt 1605 is similar to the base layer of sweat-wicking thermal underwear;
- Combat shirt D1605 is made with a turn-down collar and a zipper;
- The YKK zip fastener ensures quick donning and dumping of the combat shirt, and also provides a comfortable wearing of the combat shirt;
- Combat shirt D1605 made in raglan cut. This cut "forgives" the user for inaccuracies in fitting in size and height;
- Combat shirt D1605 is made with long sleeves;
- Seams removed from the shoulder area for better comfort when wearing backpack systems;
- The sleeves, collar and shoulder of the shirt are made of cotton fabric (65/35 cotton / polyester) in camouflage or plain colors;
- In the upper part of the sleeves, in the shoulder area, there are volumetric pockets for "useful little things". The pockets are closed with flaps. Valve lock textile fastener of "contact" type;
- On the surface of the sleeve pockets and on the surface of the flaps of the pockets there is a counterpart of the textile fastener (loop) to accommodate the embroidered signs;
- Elbow areas are reinforced with plastic elbow pads type D1603-HS;
- Plastic elbow pads D1603-HS are removable and can be replaced in case of damage or care (washing) for trousers;
- Sleeve cuffs are adjustable in volume using a stitch with a textile fastener of the "contact" type;

Price: $160
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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