NEW 1997 ZOMZ PO 4x34 scope for OC-14 Groza

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Price: $800
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Rare PO 4x34 scope manufactured by "ZOMZ" (Zagorsk Optical-Mechanical Plant) in 1997.
For OTs-14 Groza (Thunderstorm).

Condition: new, unused, from warehouse storage.

1. Scope
2. 2x Cover caps for scales
3. 2x Rubber caps for scope lenses
4. Rubber eye cap
* The original bracket for installation on OTs-14 Groza is extremely rare and impossible to find, therefore, you will need to purchase a picantinny rings and bracket for a picatinny, for example
[Hephaestus] Scope Mount for HTS-14 Product Code #: AA # 06359

In mid-2000, the ZOMZ factory stopped production of such scopes and began to produce other products.
Therefore, such scopes are extremely rare.

Watch the specified video here.

Through the use of special optical glass, scope allows you to work even at dusk.
Glass has an exceptionally low light absorption, and the lenses are well polished and provided with multilayer enlightenment.

For aiming, a corded reticle (“stump”) is used, which is convenient for use at medium distances, for which the device is designed.

Particular strength and lightness of the case gives the use of aviation aluminum. Scope is not afraid of shocks and blows, can be used on various weapons, including powerful hunting rifles.

There is horizontal and vertical adjustment drums.

Extremely simple design and high reliability of the body makes the scope extremely reliable.

Multiplicity: constant
Minimum optical zoom: 3
Maximum optical zoom: 9
Lens Diameter (mm): 41
Tube Diameter (mm): 25.4
Length (mm): 283
Weight (g): 290
Country of manufacture: Russia

Price: $800
Buy NOW and get a gift from our shop! All items are limited, don't wait.

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